Okotoks Ward Boundary Changes

The new ward boundaries for the Okotoks wards as of September 15, 2019 are available through the presentation below.


Crystalridge Ward
Bishop: Dallin Doney
1st Counselor: James Sheen
2nd Counselor: Chris Purinton

Cimarron Ward
Bishop: Andy Asplund
1st Counselor: Curtis McCarthy
2nd Counselor: Chris McLaren

Sheep River Ward
Bishop: Craig Mathieson
1st Counselor: Doug Campbell
2nd Counselor: Jarad Stephan

Heritage Pointe Ward
Bishop: James Fairbanks
1st Counselor: Lucas Da Silva
2nd Counselor: Jared Taylor

Mountain View Ward
Bishop: Tye Perrett
1st Counselor: Lee Helton
2nd Counselor: Brad Pilling