The Addiction Recovery Program helps individuals
through Jesus Christ and His Atonement

With the Savior’s help we can overcome our
addictions and find new meaning to life.

Addiction harms an individual’s Spirit, mind, and body. It is only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His gospel that we can be fully healed and freed from the bonds of addiction.  Some people consider addictions to only be bad habits that can be conquered by willpower alone, but many people become so dependent on a behavior or a substance that they no longer see how to abstain from it. However, through Jesus Christ and His Atonement, you can recover and enjoy all the blessings of the gospel.

Family and friends can learn to rely
on the Savior for healing, and to help them
support their loved ones through recovery.

Spouses and family members may labor under the heavy emotional burdens caused by the challenges of their loved ones. Here you can find support as you seek the Savior’s help.  The Lord’s plan is to rescue and heal each of us as we yield our hearts to Him. Just as those who are addicted need the Atonement of Jesus Christ in order to find freedom from the bondage of addiction, spouses and family members also need His healing power.

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All are welcome.

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