Stake Conference – June 16 – 17, 2018

Please reach out to every member in the stake and invite them to attend our Stake conference.

*New – Ward & Stake Council Leadership Meeting 4-6 PM Saturday June 16

held at the Stake Center

For all members of Ward and Stake Councils along with their complete presidencies, including clerks, assistant clerks and secretaries.

Saturday Evening Adult Member Session 7-9 PM Saturday June 16

held at the Stake Center
All Adult members of the Stake are invited to attend this meeting.

Sunday General Session 10 AM – 12 PM Sunday June 17

Held at the Stake Center and broadcast to the Woodgate Building and the High River Building.
All members of the Stake, investigators and visitors are invited to attend.

Everyone who wants to may attend Stake Conference at the Stake Center.

Stake Center

  • Canyon Creek Ward
  • Woodbine Ward
  • Evergreen Ward
  • DeWinton Ward
  • Crystalridge Ward

Woodgate Chapel

  • Cimarron Ward
  • Sheep River Ward

High River Chapel

  • High River Ward
  • Sunshine Branch

Diamond Valley Branch members are invited to attend at the Stake Center, Woodgate or High River Chapels

The Young Single Adults in the Priddis Valley Ward are welcome to attend their nearest building.